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The Story

The Gods have been pushed back and Humans have almost been wiped out. Karon, leader of the Demons, has temporarily been banished back to the Great Darkness. Banning together, survivors built their last bastion of resistance to the roaming Demons, their new city - Arcana. Knowing they were powerless against the Gods and Demon’s onslaught, a group Humans are preparing their weapons and magic for their inevitable confrontation. They are the resistance against evil and humanities last hope. This is the time of the Dekaron.

dk square system

The solution for all PvP problems. A massive PvP battle where servers, levels, friendship or any other common problem does not matter. This is the solution to all your PvP problems. Increase your grade and gain exclusive Armor for PvP.

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Upgrade your armor to show it off! Increasing the ranks of your armor as you upgrade it not only increases it’s power and defensive capabilities, it changes the appearance so everyone can see your highly upgraded gear.

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instanced dungeons

Solo and party play instances. Enter instanced dungeons, designed for either a solo player or an entire party. These dungeons scale with different ranks offering greater rewards if you can complete them within their time limit.

siege mode

A large scale Guild vs Guild war for Genoa Castle. Guilds fight to occupy Genoa Castle, with one Guild defending and one Guild attacking. The winner of the battle claims the right to rule the Castle and it’s territory until the next Siege.

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Hatch a collection of pets! Your loyal companions will accompany you on your epic journey, assisting in picking up items and money along the way.

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personal mounts

Collect Incredible Mounts. Own and ride a variety of special mounts throughout the lands of Trieste.