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[Patch Note] January 17th Patch Note

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Jan 18, 2019 4,599

Hello everyone!

In this patch note we will keep you updated with what we have changed with this patch.

1. New Daily Mission Rewards!

 - Duration:  01/18 ~ 02/18 CET

 - Contents:

The reward for killing monsters have been changed to fit new needs! Time to go out in dungeons and grind some goods.

If you kill....

100 monsters: 1 x Title "Quen's Blessings" exchange coupon (Yes, we finally changed that messed up name)

100 more: 3 x Spicy Steamed Bass (Bind)

200 more: 1 x New seed of dreams Random Box

500 more: 1 x Z-coin

1000 more: 1 x Ballon d'or

**The login time reward & Item collection reward is back to the original state. This means you will get "Treasure Map Piece x 3" for Tier 3 login time reward, and "Clear Parca Holy Water (Bind) x 5" for collecting 50 x Fortress Voucher.

**There may be issue for Ballon d'or with server change. We suggest you to open the box once you achieve the item before changing the server just in case.

2. Expired event 1: Monster parts buffs (Fang, eyes, guts....) are removed from the map droplist.

3. Expired event 2: All Christmas event items, NPCs, monsters and buffs are removed.

4. Illegal items removal: There were certain "rings" that were illegally distributed in game in the past. We have removed those items from the game.

5. Multiclient Function Restoration

tl;dr: You can multiclient again (for now)

Here's the thing. We do not favor multiclienting. It hurts the general health of the game because when some people play the "speed-up farming" game with 10 of his account at the same time, then a lot of other players feel like they're forced to play it that way in order to keep up. It also causes many technical issues, server gets stressed, we can't build good events because of people abusing this function, and so on....

However, we do agree that we don't have the good replacement or compensation for this, just yet. We will first implement a lot of good Quality of Life patches such as inventory and costume spaces, EXP increase, and ability to move characters through accounts first before we proceed with this. And we must proceed careful steps even after that. Since we are not ready to go through this dramatic change yet, we will bring the multiclient back temporarily, and we will monitor how things goes from now carefully. 

As always, thank you for your continued support on this game. We will do our best to keep this game enjoyable, and any feedback will be appreciated. For the feedbacks and supports, please contact the Papayaplay tickets or through Dekaron discord channels, which you can access through the tab on the left side of the screen on the Dekaron main website.