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Update on Corrective Action on Illegitimate Rank-Up Coins

{{ locale_com.common_news_notice }} Feb 27, 2020 2,591

Greetings players,

As this week's patch notes stated, we've been taking action against both users who've been duplicating Rank-Up Coins, and those who knowingly used fraudulent coins to gain ranks. Our solution to this issue was to compile a list of suspect users, and implement a mass reduction in rank, commensurate to what a player could realistically reach.

We did not share the details of this plan with the player base, as we need to maintain some secrecy in order to keep hackers and exploiters in the dark. However, we are aware that many of our players, feeling the need to stay competitive in an economy fraught with illegitimate ranks, went ahead and purchased large numbers of coins for their own use.

Although it is reasonable to assume that users were aware of the illegitimate nature of these coins, we are willing to investigate and possibly compensate large purchases that were made, on a case-by-case basis.

To have your case considered for compensation due to loss of ranks, please send us a support ticket with the subject "Rank-Up Coin Purchase Compensation," and include the following information:

  • Your UserID
  • Your in-game character name
  • Approximate date of your most recent Rank-Up Coin purchase

  • As much information on the seller as possible (name, class, etc.)
  • What you paid (exact item name and quantity, if at all possible) and how many coins you purchased

Complete and accurate information will result in an earlier response and a better chance of compensation.

In any given case, at this time we cannot guarantee refunds or give an estimated time to resolution. However, we are committed to the integrity of our game service and its player-driven economy, and will make every effort to give each case due consideration, and provide updates as they are available.

With appreciation,

Team Dekaron