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March Madness

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Mar 5, 2020 2,241

Greetings Dekaronians,

The Black Pegasus is a coveted and prestigious mount, but player feedback has been that the uncertainty in chasing it down made for a frustrating experience. For one week only, this majestic beast is now on sale in the DShop for a fixed price. We’re not giving them away, but this is the best way to guarantee getting your hands on one of your own.

Another new DShop offer this week is Schrodinger’s Box. What could be inside? Some highly-sought Socket Stones? Rare and valuable costumes? The brand-spanking new No. 9 Rune, with amazing stat bonuses? A dead cat? The laws of physics say it will be all of them, at the same time, until you open it! That makes even less sense than a box that contains an entire Pegasus, so we’re trying not to think too hard about it.

Speaking of cats, the Pet 6% Socket Stone Choice Box inside the Schrodinger’s Box is a brand-new item that will let you select one of the contained Pet Socket Stones.

Schrodinger's Box has been quantumly entangled via our best sciencey-magicks to give much better odds than previous random boxes. 

Those potent bonuses granted by the Premium Holy Water of Almighty can feel indispensable. If you want to get an extra edge this month, consider combining your Holy Water with some potent 30-day runes, with the 30 Days of Almighty Package. The potency of this mighty package cannot be overstated.

The Fruit Shaved Ice, Recovery, Swift Attack, and Incar Runes are also available individually. Only one of the four appears to be edible, but all of them are definitely tasty.

We continue down the Green Road to Saint Patrick this week, with all experience gains turned up to 400%. We’ll reach 500% next week, in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

The Infinite Dragonic Perpetus 3 Day Exchange Box and White Metal Rat Fortune Game are being removed from the DShop this week. The Heavenly Hunt Valentine’s Day is also concluded. Your chocolate isn’t going anywhere, but the Arcadian Messenger’s offers will revert back to the old rewards, and your chocolate or cards won’t be accepted anymore.

​We've made further strides on detecting and correcting ranks for illicit Rank-Up Coins this week. We're confident that everyone is back on even footing, and that the dupes are cleaned out from the system.​ There won't be any more need for rank reductions.

As always, our deepest appreciation goes out to our players who support us, and each other.

See you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron