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Elegy of Elleghos

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Mar 19, 2020 4,846

Salutations, players! Before starting this week’s patch notes, we’d like to state that we intend to keep Dekaron active and updated, just as you’re used to, for the foreseeable future. Trieste is a place to have fun and relax, and we’re as determined as ever to keep it available for our valued players. Team Dekaron is taking steps to keep ourselves and those around us safe and healthy, and we hope you’re all taking care of yourselves, and each other, as well. Stay safe!

​From within Elleghos, the nightmarish and alien creature Illias and its reincarnated forms are invading our world, and they carry with them an insatiable hunger for the departed souls of Trieste’s fallen heroes.

Elleghos is a mid-level solo dungeon that can be accessed from the Space of Pilgrimage. While the strongest players have long since moved on to more formidable challenges, some changes are in store that are worth at least one more visit to the Garden of Souls.

Crystal of the Raged and Crystal of the Frigid are now held by the inhabitants of Elleghos, and dispatching Illias and its successors, Irias, Sellias, and Mellias, will grant increased experience rewards. Via a portal at the dungeon entrance, you'll be able to bypass the dungeon and skip right to the bosses.

The two crystals can be combined in the crafting interface to create a Majestic Jewel, which is used by Aria in crafting the Majestic Earring and Majestic Amber Earring. Another upgrade for this item is coming next week!

The feedback we’ve been getting from the community is saying that the Redcaps were a popular new addition to Dekaron. Unfortunately, the huge surge in dungeon attendance last week has ensured that the Redcaps have been driven to extinction. Luckily, it turns out that they’ve been leaving stashes of loot in hidden places all over Trieste.

So, we’re happy to announce that the Dungeon Drive is here to stay. We’ll be changing rewards from week to week, in order to keep things interesting, but players who manage to dispatch the lesser bosses in select dungeons of varying difficulty will be rewarded with a treasure cache. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a top-tier player, or still new to Dekaron.

(Contents are confirmed purplicious.)

Forgotten Stashes will still be appearing in Sacred Claw and Forgotten Underground Temple, but you might find one on Undo Mazoukie in his solo challenge, too . Secret Stashes can now be found in Karon’s Fire Pot and Ruins of Baz.

The Cozy Gift is a new item that will be appearing in both stashes. When you click on a stack of ten of gifts, you’ll be able to select one of the listed prizes.

Please note that there have been some issues with final dungeon bosses carrying around empty stashes. We aren't entirely sure what possesses them to do such things, but the rewards from final bosses are usually worth the effort. Nevertheless, we are working on ways to sneak more goodies into their pockets.

Last week’s update featured a significant upgrade to Arcadia, including switching its inhabitants to the standard loot table. Because the tokens that were hitherto found in Arcadia were needed for a few items, we have added a new drop to the map, the Arcadia Coin: Wing. For the next week, these can be exchanged with the Arcadian Messenger for the old tokens, which can then be exchanged as they used to. 

Trieste’s Gold Treasure Box and Trieste’s Platinum Treasure Box will now appear on the respective Purified and Polluted sides of Arcadia, too. For this week, experience in Arcadia will be set to 200% of normal.

In the DShop, the 2-for-1 offer on Trieste’s Golden Key 10-packs is ending, but the new Trieste Golden Key 30x Package is almost as good a deal. You can also stock up on Brand Option Locks in value packs of twenty.

We’ve added some new Guild and Alliance Emblem effects, which will remain available indefinitely. If the same old sigil effects aren’t to your taste anymore, have a look at our new ones to add some flash to your crest, and show everyone that you mean business. Serious business.

If you haven't found a guild that's to your personal tastes yet, why not start one on your own? Guilds offer lots of great perks, and you don't need multiple people to start one - just one character of level 50 or higher, and 1,000,000 DIL to cover the registration fee.

This week was going to mark the end of our Road to Saint Patrick's Day experience boost, but we figured, why not let it ride for one more week? Enjoy another week of 500% experience points, but we REALLY mean to turn it off next week. Seriously. 

This week also marks the end of our Jumping event. Regrettably, there was an issue on our back end which resulted in Jumping being turned off a week early. While we’d like to give those of you who missed your chance another shot, there’s no way to turn Jumping back on that wouldn't result in every player getting an additional Jump character, which isn’t feasible as we hope you all understand

Because the event was concluded early and without warning, we intend to have another Jumping event in the near future, with less of a wait than last time to make up for the error. Our deepest apologies to our players who missed out, we will take extra steps to prevent these sorts of mistakes as we go forward.

Stay safe, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron