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Test Your Mettle!

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} May 14, 2020 4,258

Greetings, Dekaron!

This week’s event follows in the steps of the Dungeon Drive, but with a new approach.

Your old friend Karin is seeking brave souls on behalf of the Incar Order, to take the fight to the enemy.

Karin’s first task is directed towards characters who’ve yet to reach high levels, and who can still benefit from the experience of solo dungeons. One per day, Karin will task you to complete each of these four solo dungeons:

Python Castle


Dravice Secret Passage

Favnil’s Nest

    Your reward will be three non-tradable Blue Knight EXP Coins, which you can then hand back to Karin for a generous experience bonus. If you’re still carrying stashes of EXP coins, she now accepts up to 30 at a time, too.

    She’s also tasking players to complete one of several mid-level dungeons:

    Karon’s Fragments Rank S

    Treasure of Crespo (A)

    Karon’s Transport Ship (Renewal)

    Tower of Spell

    Shadow Shield

    Ellonohm (Rubisin)

    You only need to complete one to finish the quest, and some are obviously much easier than others. The first time each day you complete this task, you’ll receive the Dungeon Spoils reward cache:

    This event will last for two weeks. The EXP coins, and the Dungeon Spoils (but not the items they contain), will be removed from player inventories on June 26th.

    Helion's launch exceeded our expectations in terms of player population and general enthusiasm. We’d planned to level off the experience bonus once things settled down, but with the extension of the race to 200, we can see that things aren’t cooling down any time soon.

    The next four weeks will be a Helion Heat Wave, with Helion's experience turned up to 400% for this week, and turning up again each following week.

    Since a better cooling system for our servers would cost extra, Trieste will be catching some of the heat as well, with its experience level set to 300% for the entire four weeks of the event.

    Last week’s new DShop offer, the Stay Boosted Lucky Box, felt impressive from a purely mathematical perspective. But it turned out a big part of the appeal of previous EXP scroll boxes is being able to stack multiple bonuses. And with no 1100% scroll included in the new box, what’s the point?

    So, the Stay Boosted Box has been boosted to retirement after one week, and  replaced with the High Scroller’s Lucky Box. Four flavors of EXP scroll are now included, for the tastiest EXP experience possible.

    Bug Fixes:

    Compound Mavric returns to the Crafting screen. Finally.

    Treasure Hunter Rune is once again correctly awarding Treasure Hunter’s Collection, and not Treasure Hunter Ex-Box.

    Gold Bullion correctly says on its tooltip that Sinan will trade it for 10,000,000 DIL, rather than 100,000,000.

    Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

    Team Dekaron