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Fill the Phleebus!!

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Jul 16, 2020 2,596

Salutations, Dekaron!

You’ll find something appealing this week, whether you’re purposely seeking out powerful items, or just running about the world.In addition to several events, have a look at the new Trieste's Treasure Box contents, and the new Nexus Lucky Box, over on our sales post.

Fill the Phleebus!

A loud, strange, and likely intoxicated Interdimensional Researcher has appeared in Ardeca, and is handing out something he calls a Phleebus capacitor. This incongruous device is probably related to the vile Blergit Grubs that have been popping up almost everywhere, because it seems to fill slightly whenever these icky bugs are summarily squashed. Full Phleebus capacitors have been reportedly producing all sorts of things!

Sometimes science is more art than science.

You’ll need to manually activate a 100% filled Phleebus to receive its prize, contained within a Warped Reality Ex-Box. To do so, just right-click on the Phleebus in your inventory to see how full it is, and press the Reward button once it’s at 100%. And once you do, the Phleebus will go back to 0%, ready to be filled again, and you can keep receiving rewards for the duration of the event.

If Phleebus begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head.

Blergit Grubs have a small chance to appear anywhere in the field, outside dungeons, when a monster is killed. When they are killed in turn, each one fills the Phleebus by 10%. 

Just a buncha Cronenbergs walkin' around.

Blergit Grubs have an additional chance to appear when the bosses of certain dungeons are dispatched (and will fill 10% of each party member’s Phleebus when killed):

Dravice Secret Passage – Maneuver

Favnil’s Nest – Favnil

Cherubim’s Nest – Cherubim

Test of Undo Mazoukie (Party) – Examiner Undo Mazoukie

All you need to get started is to talk to the Interdimensional Researcher. Then head out, and fill that Phleebus!

(Take care not to misplace Phleebus. Phleebus cannot be replaced. Phleebus contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at.)

Sign of the Nexus

The most esteemed astrologers of the Incar Order are speaking of an alignment of Trieste’s two moons, into an astrological portent they are calling the Sign of the Nexus. No one is certain of its metaphysical significance, but what is certain is that the coveted Third Nexus Helms are not quite so difficult to craft for now.

In both Crespo’s Treasure dungeons, the Arcadian Gold Dust, Enchanted Plate, and Condensed Fire needed for crafting the Third Nexus Helms are appearing twice as frequently. Weak Crystals are also twice as common, and Iyad in Crespo will provide one Condensed Fire in exchange for a batch of 15 of them.

The DIL cost for crafting the helm itself has also been reduced slightly. The discount and increased drop rate will both remain in effect for the event’s duration.

Summer Surge

Another "bonus experience is hot" event. How original.

July 23rd marks the beginning of the Summer Surge, our next progressive bonus experience event. The experience gain will be turned up to 400% for this entire week, and increased by another 100% each following week, to a maximum of 600%. If you’re still stuck inside as Summer rolls on, we’re here to make it as pleasant as possible for you.

Akris Hunt 2: Gut Instinct

Parakel, the Black Handed Alchemist, has heard that he was no longer the most eccentric old man in Ardeca, and he’s determined to step up his game. He’s still focused on his research into Akris anatomy, but now has a new bounty in mind – the unpleasant Akris gastroliths that will be appearing from slain Akris during this event. 

You hunted any more o' them... Akris?

Parakel will perform some alchemical magic on the gastroliths, and hand you the result – which could be anything from a near-worthless chunk of rock, to powerful, sought-after stones.

Bugs and Fixes

Some Nexus Helm materials have had their names corrected or clarified.

Intact Akris Hoof no longer drops, as the exchange event is concluded.

Enchanted Plate and Arcadian Gold Dust tooltips no longer claim that they can be obtained via dismantling, as this is no longer the case.

Dimensional Energy can now stack, to a maximum of 20.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron