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Halloween Costume Sale

{{ locale_com.common_news_sale }} Oct 16, 2020 3,195

Salutations, Dekaron!

We're still sticking to our plan for larger content updates every 2 weeks. However, smaller additions and fixes will still be happening in intervening weeks like this one. This update features a few more DShop costumes, another experience ramp-up event, and a key sale - only in the Dekaron Web Shop.

EXP Escalation

Experience for both servers will be set to 500% for the next week, increasing by 100% for each week of the event. The PK channel will receive an additional 100% on top of the listed values.


The Web Shop is open for business again, with the Rapid Growth Package available for sale. We’re also featuring a sale on Trieste’s Keys, for three days only.

The selection of costumes on sale in the DShop has been expanded. All of the listed individual New Type Costumes can be found under the Etc. -> Costume tab.

The Dekaron Web Shop is having a 3-day sale on Trieste’s Keys - 20 keys for only 1500 DKC. This sale will end after only 72 hours, rather than with weekly server maintenance.

The Rapid Growth Package returns to the Web Shop for another week. Each package gives you 24 hours of experience and convenience bonuses. Individual accounts are limited to 3 purchases of this item (this limit still applies if you already purchased any during the last sale). The expiration date for these packages, and all existing Rapid Growth Packages, has been extended to November 13th.

When you open the Familiar New Type Costume Package, you’ll receive a Familiar New Type Costume Ex-Box, letting you select one of several classic Dekaron costumes. And we’re throwing in a Hot Plier as an added bonus, to help you move your choicest costume crests to your new outfit.

Top Row: Swim Suit, Golden Helm, School Uniform, Pirate

Bottom Row: Hanbok, Wedding Outfit, Santa, Premium

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron