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{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Jan 29, 2021 2,679

Salutations, Dekaron!

This week’s update includes a couple of gameplay enhancements, a couple of familiar events, and a couple of new sales.

Field Drop Update

Our Action 24 update has already included, among other things, new upgradable accessories which can only be found in lower-level zones.

Three new items are now available, two of which are accessories like the existing ones. The third is a tradable emblem.

The Faint Essentia Choker has a small chance to drop off monsters in Space of Pilgrimage, and you have a small chance of finding the Faint Mariner’s Ring on the inhabitants of Aquarius. Both of these accessories are tradable, upgradable (with Aria’s help via Kardia), and stackable with themselves or each other.

The Aquanic Emblem I is also an Aquarius exclusive, and can be traded and upgraded. To upgrade the emblem through its four stages, Aria will need Nepturos’ Tears, which is a rare drop that’s only found on creatures in Elmar. If you persevere all the way to the fourth stage, the emblem will permanently protect you from Elmar’s Corrupted Breath effect, as long as it’s worn.

Depicted in increasing order of wetness.

One more surprise that lucky players will stumble upon is the Helion’s Armor Cache, which monsters in Shangri-La have a small chance of carrying. You’ll receive one random piece of Helion’s Armor when you open the cache, which could end up being for any class or equipment slot.


Players who make good use of their secondary equipment set will hopefully be pleased to hear that emblems are now included. The emblem equipment slot has moved from the Costume tab, to the main Equip tab (and can now be found next to your Pet slot). You can equip a secondary emblem, which will be swapped with the primary, along with the rest of your secondary items.

Do you see? This is your emblem. Do you see? This is your emblem in its new location. Do you see? This is where you can find your emblem now. Do you see?

Swap between two emblems in response to changing circumstances, or dazzle your opponents with your ever-shifting emblem effects.

Where did that bell come from? No, nothing about this adds up at all!

DK Square Bonus Points

DK Square is providing a bonus again, granting twice the usual number of Grade Points for killing players on the opposing team.

The bonus only applies to point gains from player kills, not from battlefield objectives or monster kills. Why only player kills? Wouldn’t it be simple to double the points for everything? That is a good question, and it deserves a good answer.

Look, shiny colours!

Better Then Nothing Bonus EXP

You keep asking for experience events, and what better way to acquiesce, than by doing the bare minimum?

Experience for both servers will be set to 200% for the next week (with the usual +100% for both PK channels). The bonus will increase by another 100% next week, and 100% more the week after.


A new key sale rolls around, where we throw in an extra when you buy a pack of five.

Two of our strongest sellers, Schrodinger’s Box and Angel’s Choice Box, have been set aside for now, in favour of some slightly tweaked alternatives.

Rather than be caught looking silly when the lunar new year rolls around and we’re still selling a White Metal Rat Fortune Game, we’ve introduced the Lunar Fringe Choice Box. The new box replaces the existing random box with the new Treasure of Ricchez, removes the wing box (no one ever picked those), but leaves the remaining contents as they were. 

The Treasure of Miseria is a complement to the Treasure of Ricchez. Both have a similar format, offering a wide variety of high-tier items. The top-tier items are split between both boxes, with the other providing a weaker (but still valuable) version, such that both average out to roughly the same value. This keeps the boxes’ costs down, since the 2nd best version of most items usually commands a much lower price, but is appreciated by players who are still dipping their toes into the market.

Bug Fixes & Notes

Items in your inventory will once again be shaded if they are placed into the trade window.

To save room, some items in the DShop have been combined into a single shop item with a selectable quantity.

Reset Gem Package (Binding) now only appears in the Growth tab.

The entrance to Santa Karon’s Workshop has been removed (it was still visible but inaccessible).

A correction: Our December 17th patch notes stated that the Faint Dravice Ring has a chance of dropping from all monsters in Dravice Field. This is not actually accurate. The ring can only be found on Leggio Voliti, Warriors, Healers, Archers, and Saer, and on Erupt. Our apologies for the misinformation.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron