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Forgotten Shipwreck

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Salutations, Dekaron!

After smoldering for months in eerie silence, the flaming wreck of the Incar transport ship, run aground near the shores of Dravice, has erupted with activity. Now it’s up to the defenders of the mortal world to brave evil's newest stronghold, and perhaps win some potent new equipment while doing so.

There’s romance in the air, too, with February’s new Attendance Rewards. And some new outfits in the DShop may be just what you need to impress your sweetheart.

Forgotten Shipwreck

The Incar vessel which bore Hel Herald, and the seed of corruption within his body that polluted Elmar, still seethes with demonic infestation. Scarlet in Dravice Field is ready to help sneak you on board, if you're bold enough to undertake her salvage missions.

Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure

Challenge wave after wave of demonic troops and the twisted spirits of the ship’s former crew. Survive the assault, and you might find that you’re not the only ones whose attention has been drawn to the Odyssey, the Incar’s one-proud cargo vessel.

The Forgotten Shipwreck is an all-new dungeon for characters of level 190 and higher, and requires a party of at least 4 members. Each entrant must pay 1.5 million DIL. You can jump back in to a dungeon in progress if you’re killed and ejected, but you’ll need to pay the entry fee again.

Once you’re in, you’ll have to break the lines of Hel Herald’s band of swashbucklers before you can even board. And once the perimeter is clear, you’ll need to contend with the spirit of the Odyssey herself, manifested in physical form.

Learn science, technology

Unfortunately, no matter how fast you tear through the front lines to reach the deck, the demons will have time to light up five Unstable Bombs. Disarming requires two players to interact with and activate two different bombs within a couple of seconds of each other. Failure to defuse them in the allotted time won’t result in your immediate death, but flaming shrapnel will start raining from the sky, dramatically lowering your chances of survival.

Where can you begin, to make your dreams all come true

Once the deck is cleared, you’ll need to descend into Nepturos’ Tomb and battle the titular guardian. Nepturos is bigger and meaner than his lesser spawn in Elmar, and he’s summoned four churning vortices which will impair you with various debuffs. Nepturos’ lair is already saturated with the corruption carried by Hel Herald, and you won’t long survive inside without Blessing of Miere.

On the land or on the sea

Once Nepturos is taken down, you’ll be awarded a spin on the roulette machine. You can also talk to Scarlet for additional rewards from daily and repeatable quests.

While the Abyss-Fallen Sailor’s Ring you have a small chance of winning from Nepturos bears a striking physical and thematic resemblance to your old Sailor’s Ring of the Abyss, this new piece can only be won from the Captain’s Treasure Chest, which Nepturos only has a chance of dropping.

With the Log Fragments and Old Navy Insignia you’ll also find as possible loot, you have a small chance at having Aria upgrade your ring into one of two versions of the Captain’s Ring, geared towards either physically- (Noble) or magically-inclined (Sublime) characters. There’s also a very small chance of winning either of these rings from Nepturos.

Even collecting enough materials for a single upgrade attempt won't be a modest undertaking, so don't expect to get your hands on these very premium accessories without a lot of time and effort.

Scarlet will hand out the Recruit Navy Emblem to anyone who can complete the dungeon five times, but it’s going to take many hours logged to reach the emblem's higher stages. The Enhanced Polish Stone & Enhanced Crystal are created from your crafting menu, and Aria can combine them with Nepturos Scales to try and boost your emblem’s power to the Newbie and Advanced levels. The Elite emblem is available in physical and magical flavours, should you be one of the lucky few who gets to wear it.

Where can you learn to fly, play in sports and skin dive

Lastly, Scarlet is ready to recruit you to the cause should you wish to ship out, and will provide you with your own New Type Navy Costume for the price of 50 Old Navy Insignia. And since no uniform is complete without the badge of office, wearing the costume along with either Elite Navy Emblem will grant you +70 Vitality and +5% All ATT.

Study oceanography

February Attendance

With a new month comes a new set of Attendance Rewards. The EXP scrolls and Premium Veteran’s Amulet are too popular for us to dream of mucking about with, but free tickets to either Honeymoon dungeon makes logging in that much sweeter, as well as the return of the Survival Supplies which result in some nice utility items when you collect 5 of them.

The Valentine’s Earring is a temporary boost if you’re behind the gear curve. The Valentine Cloud Box will let you ride around at top speed upon what appears to be a giant, bruised internal organ. And if you’re very lucky, you may just find a permanent version, or even one you can trade.

Sign up for the big band, or sit in the grandstand, when your team and others meet

Better Than Nothing Bonus Weeks

What’s better than the absolute minimum experience bonus? You’re about to find out, when both servers receive 300% bonus experience for this week. 


Our costume selection has expanded further, and two more outfits can be added to your wardrobe.

But as everyone knows, it’s what’s inside that counts. We can help take care of that, too.

The VVIP Rune was a big seller that we still have to put on hiatus for now, although it will return. However, the Premium Veteran Battle 500% 7 Days Exchange Box has also been a success, and is being given a permanent place under the DShop's Growth tab.

If you're looking to embrace the lighter or darker side of your nature, the New Type Angeling and Devil Horn Costume are now available for purchase.

They want you, they want you, they want you as a new recruit!

All the new outfits in the world aren’t going to help you change who you are. And if everything smells like dog doo-doo, the first place you should check is under your own boots. The Rebirth Package contains everything you need to re-make yourself, letting you swap your Meister title, your stat allocation, and even your name! You’ll have no more excuses after such a grand makeover.

Remember, the one constant in all of your problems… is you. 

Although his sick flames make him look more orange-y, the Black Tiger is the counterpart to the white, and can only be found in Trieste’s Gold Treasure Box. The perfect accessories for riding this beast to battle can be found in the gold box, too. The Jewel Piercing 1.5% lets you bypass some of your target’s abnormal status resistance, and adds 1100 to your PvP attack. The Health Guard Bijou 99 increases your guard by 99 and your HP by 2500. The No. 9 Rune 30D Box is once again available, too.

(The tooltip for the Black Tiger incorrect says it gives +5% PvP Damage Resistance. It should say 5% PvP Damage Bonus.)

But, but, but, I'm afraid of water!

Final Note

One of our Dekaron community members, MoonLight, has graciously provided us with an English translation of the official original Dekaron novel, and the prologue is now available on our Wiki. Additional chapters will be posted in coming weeks. You can also read the original Korean text here. Our appreciation goes out to Moonlight, and the original author.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron