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Truffle Hunt

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Feb 10, 2021 1,999

Salutations, Dekaron!

It’s a high-calorie invasion, with Chocolate Truffles springing up at random. Can anyone stand against this mycelial march? Or is our final hour also our sweetest?

The Truffles have already breached the DShop, resulting in a rich and dark sale item that will go right to your thighs.

Due to the holiday and early maintenance, the DK Square double point and accessory enhancement events have been extended by one week.

Truffle Hunt

It’s a truffle. But also a truffle. Get it?

You're not laughing. You must not get it. See, "truffle" can mean two things...

In addition to being the greatest pun ever written, Chocolate Truffles are randomly springing up from defeated monsters in the open field (but not dungeons), for the event's duration. Unfortunately, these confections are quite inedible. The best you can manage is to salvage one of several useful ingredients from their remains. Each ingredient offers a different buff, is tradable, and lasts for five minutes.

Karin has greased up her pan to take advantage of the fungal frenzy. If you want to take a chance on some bigger prizes, you can collect one of each ingredient for her, and see what her Delectable Chocolate Box comes up with in exchange. 

Better Than Nothing Bonus Weeks

This week marks the third and final week of our EXP bonus event. We’re extending the 400% bonus by a couple of extra days due to this week’s modified schedule.


Some popular items are returning to the DShop for an encore, and you’re guaranteed a sweet reward with our newest random box.

It’s forecast to be falling yesterday, and only in the past is what they say. Oh, wait. That says Chocolate Rune. And you'll usually find one of these runes in the Sweet Chocolate Box. The rune will randomly provide you with some bonus experience and a handy damage buff on monster kills, as long as you carry it.

But there’s also a chance of pulling out some sweet old favourites: the Valentine Chocolate Earring and White Candy Earring. In addition to their listed stats, wearing both earrings grants a set bonus of All ATT +500 and PvP DMG +1%.

Three best-selling items, the Champion’s Lucky Box, Nexus Lucky Box, and Starmetal, are returning to the DShop until next week’s maintenance. They’ll probably be back If you miss them this time. But there’s no way to tell how long until they're on sale again, so you might want to stock up. 

Bug Fixes

The tooltip for the Sayre Unique Pet now correctly states that it increases your Critical damage by 15%, and not your Critical rate.

Existing copies of the Valentine Chocolate Earring and White Candy Earring now properly display when their set bonus is active, and name the other earring necessary to gain the bonus.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron